The General Assembly of Betelnoor Society elected a new Administrative Board
On Tuesday the 25th of June 2019 met the General Assembly of Betelnoor Society and elected a new Administrative Board, 21 out of 28 Members, who fullfilled their Comitments, attended the Meeting. Mr. Yousef Qirri, the General Director of the Union of Charitable Societies - Al Quds, supervised the proceeding of the Meeting. Mr. Monier Zeidan, Chairman of Betelnoor Society, introduced the Administrative Report, after discussing some of its Items, it was unanimously approved. Mr. Azzam Yousef, Treasurer of Betelnoor Society, introdurced the Financial Report, after discussing some of its Items, it was also unanimously approved. Trust has been renewed for the Shaiyb Accounting Office for the coming period.   On Tuesday, the 2 nd of July 2019, was the distribution of positions among the newly elected Bourd by consensus as follows:-   Mr. Monier Zeidean as Chairman Mr. Jamiel Jaraiyseh as Debuty Eng. George Huzeineh as Secretary Mr. Azzam Yousef as Treasurer Dr. Bahij Khayyat as Member  Mr. Elias Harb as Member Eng. Bisher Bannourah as Member Mr. Ode Kasabreh as Member Eng. Hanna Al Alam as Member   We wish the new administration success in developing the society for the better  
Free of charge checking Day for Diabetes
  The Board of Betelnoor Society / Beit Jala decided to offer a medical day free of charge for diabetics on Tuesday every week to examine the retina, pressure and the optic nerve by the ophthalmologist, but bevore that the Patient shall be examined by the optometrist.   The Society provides for the Citizens, who are in need, with the following :- 1) Medical Eye-Glasses, in order to better their vision 2) Medical Sunglasses 3) Medical Contact Lences 4) Laser Treatment , due to Bleeding in the fine Blood Vessels of the Retina.    In addition, the Society opens its Clinics every day from 8 am to 2 pm.   Sunday is the weekly holiday     In the Main Photo apears Mr. Michael Wirtz, the MAIN DONOR for Betelnoor Society beside the car of our Society, which he has donated from his oun pucket in the year 2010       Betelnoor Society Eye Care Center Bethlehem - Beit Jala Palestine   Tel: 2743564--- Fax: 2756650  
The Teamwork at Betelnoor Society
Medical staff working in the Society:- 1. Dr. Farouk Issa Ashour, PhD in Ophthalmology        Every Wednesday from 9:00 till 13:00 2. Dr. Abdul Hadi Isbetan, Ophthalmologist Every Tuesday from 9:00 till 13:00 3. Dr. Dirar Bannoura, Ophthalmologist Every Friday from 9:00 till 13:00 4. Dr. Walid Abu Dayyeh, PhD in Ophthalmology, Director of Medical Department Every Saturday from 8:30 till 13:00   5. Mrs. Abeer Bassous, Optimetrist, Head of Department Daily from 8:00 till 14:00 6. Mrs. Asiel Adwan, Optimetrist           Daily from 8:00 till 14:00 7. Mrs. Samah Malash, Nurse Daily from 8:00 till 14:00. The Society is open daily from 8:00 till 14:00 Weekend Holiday every Sunday   In the Photo apears the following Employees in Beteloon Society:- Dr. Walid Abu Dayyeh, Head of  med. Department, Mrs. Abeer Bassous our Optimetrist, Mrs. Samira Salameh our Accountant, Mrs. Sabrien Ateyeh our Nurse and Mr. Abdullah Mattar our car driver.   Betelnoor Society Eye Care Center Bethlehem-Beit Jala Al Sahel – Al Najjar Street Near Al Quds School Tel.:- 022743564---Fax:- 022756650 .org.  
A Letter to the Parents of Puples at all Schools in the Bethlehem Covernorate
A printed Letter was distributed through our Staff, who examins the Puples at Schools, and was adressed to the Parents of them, announcing that our Society is able to check the Eyes and Teeth of their sons and daughters at their schools and that shall be free of charge. If the Parents decide to have deeper Eye- and Teeth-Checkup, they can do that at our Clinics, or anywhere else. We have the License from the responsible Palestinian Authorities.  
A Letter to the Citizens of Bethlehem Governorate
  A hand-delivered Letter (written in arabic) A printed Letter was distributed among the Citizens of our Governorate through the Boyscaout-Groups and was hand - deliverd at their houses, telling them about our aktivities in our verious clinics, informing them that:- WE ARE HERE to help especially Children under (18) years of age  
Betelnoor Society and the Palestinian Institute for Diabetes in Hebron in a free of Charge Medical Day
Betelnoor Society and the Palestinian Institute for Diabetes in Hebron  A Free of Charge Day for all Citizens especially for Children under (18) Years old  Our Betelnoor Society and the Palestinian Institute for Diabetes-Treetment in Hebron offered on 13/12/2017 a Free of Charge Day to examine all People, especially the Youth under (18) years of age. The Patient will be at first examined by the Optimetrist and then by the Ophthalmologist, after that he will be examined be the Team of the Palestinian Institute.    In the Photo appears the Team of the Palestinian Institute for Diabetes and the Team of Betelnoor Society on the Day of 13/12/2017   Betelnoor Society Eye Care Center Bethlehem - Beit Jala Tel:- 2743564 --- Fax:- 2756650 ---  
Agreements between Betelnoor Society with verious Unions, Societies and Assosiations Our Board decided to sign Agreements with several Societies to have 20% reduction from the cost, if somebody, or a Member of a Union...etc, needs to be checked or needs medical Glasses or even minor Surgery or needs to treet his Teeth from our Dentist. Our Donors abroved to cover the Difference of Costs Our Board signed about (20) Agreements   Betelnoor Society Eye Care Center Bethlehem - Beit Jala Palestine Tel:- 2743564 --- Fax:- 2756650 ---