Free of charge checking Day for Diabetes


The Board of Betelnoor Society / Beit Jala decided to offer a medical day free of charge for diabetics on Tuesday every week to examine the retina, pressure and the optic nerve by the ophthalmologist, but bevore that the Patient shall be examined by the optometrist.
The Society provides for the Citizens, who are in need, with the following :-
1) Medical Eye-Glasses, in order to better their vision
2) Medical Sunglasses
3) Medical Contact Lences
4) Laser Treatment , due to Bleeding in the fine Blood Vessels of the Retina. 
In addition, the Society opens its Clinics every day from 8 am to 2 pm.

Sunday is the weekly holiday
In the Main Photo apears Mr. Michael Wirtz,
the MAIN DONOR for Betelnoor Society
beside the car of our Society,
which he has donated from his oun pucket
in the year 2010
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