The General Assembly of Betelnoor Society elected a new Administrative Board

On Tuesday the 25th of June 2019 met the General Assembly of Betelnoor Society and elected a new Administrative Board, 21 out of 28 Members, who fullfilled their Comitments, attended the Meeting.

Mr. Yousef Qirri, the General Director of the Union of Charitable Societies - Al Quds, supervised the proceeding of the Meeting.

Mr. Monier Zeidan, Chairman of Betelnoor Society, introduced the Administrative Report, after discussing some of its Items, it was unanimously approved.

Mr. Azzam Yousef, Treasurer of Betelnoor Society, introdurced the Financial Report, after discussing some of its Items, it was also unanimously approved.

Trust has been renewed for the Shaiyb Accounting Office for the coming period.
On Tuesday, the 2 nd of July 2019, was the distribution of positions among the newly elected Bourd by consensus as follows:-
Mr. Monier Zeidean as Chairman
Mr. Jamiel Jaraiyseh as Debuty
Eng. George Huzeineh as Secretary
Mr. Azzam Yousef as Treasurer
Dr. Bahij Khayyat as Member 
Mr. Elias Harb as Member
Eng. Bisher Bannourah as Member
Mr. Ode Kasabreh as Member
Eng. Hanna Al Alam as Member
We wish the new administration success in developing the society for the better