Previous Projects implimented during the years between 2011 till 2019 - thanks for the generous Donors
Donations presented to Betelnoor Society Complete Renovation of the Ground Floor in Betelnoor Society through Efforts of the Union of Charitable Societies - Jerusalem, as First Donation in the year 2014.    Building of the Second Floor through Efforts of the Union of Charitable Societies-Jerusalem, as Second Donation in the year 2015.  Donations through Bethlehem Childrenselief Society (Caritas) - Switzerland in the year 2013. Donations through the Union of Charitable Societies - Jerusalem, as Third Donation in the year 2016. Donations from Knightsorden of the Holy Sepalture-Jerusalem & Children Mission Work - Germany in the year 2012. Donations from the German Representative Office in Ramallah - Palestine in the year 2013, through the Pontifical Mission - Jerusalem. Donations from Modern Technology Co. (MTC) - Beit Sahour - Palestine, during 2014 till 2019.
Blood Test for Students at their Schools
Bethlehem-Beit Jala 07/01/2019 Dear Donors, ,Greetings from the Holy City of Bethlehem Please, try to find the needed time, to read our Proposal and help us implementing it for the Benefit of the Needy in our District of Bethleh Project Overview:-  Project Title:- Conducting an Outreach Program to do free medical  Laboratory test for students in Bethlehem district.          Project Location:- Bethlehem District  Implementation Period:-  6 months – [Begin in May 2019]  Total amount requested in USD:-  $ 13500  Key Contact Person:- Dr. Bahij Kayyat, Member of the Board. Project Justification:- The health issue within the Palestinian territories is a sensitive subject, for there are many people who are not able to secure their needs to live, much less to follow up their health needs. Project Goal:- The main objective of this project is to help in providing a better early detection of certain diseases by applying basic free lab. tests for school students. Demography of Bethlehem District:- The total number of students in Bethlehem district is around 55000 students, from first elementary to third secondary, distributed between private, governmental and UNRWA schools. Implementation Mechanism:- Betelnoor Society is planning to do free “CBC blood test” to, at least, 6000 students during six months of outreach visits, at a rate of 4 days / week and 1000 student / month. Schools will be a collection of private, governmental and UNRWA schools from different locations in Bethlehem city and its surrounding villages. The Outreach clinic is supposed to coordinate its visits with the outreach visits of the eye care program Betelnoor Society - Eye Care Center, in order to minimize the transportation cost and minimize effort in coordination with schools about free outreach health services. Further more, and after getting the blood test results, a doctor appointed from Betelnoor Society is supposed to pay visits to schools in order to aware the infected students of their cases.   Estimated Cost of the project:- No.  I tem                           Unit           Quantity       Unit Cost$       Total $ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.     CBC test                      Student        6000          1.5                    9000 2 .    Salary of lab.Tech.       Month               6          400                   2400 3.     Doctor fees                   Month               6          200                   1200 4.     Transportation               Day              120               5                     60 5.      Miscellaneous              Month               6             50                   300  Grand Total: - $ 13500 Conclusion :- Beneficiary sector will be around 10% of total students in Bethlehem district. Budget needed to apply this project is $ 13500 [thirteen thousand and five hundred US dollars].   We need your Prayers, Spiritual Help and Financial Support Please, give us your Assistance.   … for God loveth a cheerful Giver. Corinthians 9 : 7  b Kind Regards     Betelnoor Organisation Eye Care Center Bethlehem – Beit Jala Palestine Tel.:- 2743564 --- Fax:- 2756650 ---        
Renovation of the First Floor and prepairing it to be a Hospital for Eye Surgery
Bethlehem - Beit Jala on 15/04/2019 Dear Madame/Sir, Dear friends and donors, Peace be with you all, The Betelnoor Society is a public organisation, the responsible and elected board and employees are pleased to present the following project to you, in order to expand the work of our Society and to reach a higher level of services and provide it to the people of Bethlehem governorate, especially the Children from (3) to (18) years old, who will be the fathers and mothers of our future. The project consists of the following:- Betelnoor Society has a first floor, which is currently vacant for more than one year, after a second floor was built by the General Union of Charitable Associations in Jerusalem after it settled down in the first floor for more than two years. The General Union of Charitable Associations in Jerusalem is a very good neighbor to us since the beginning of 2013. We are very pleased and proud to have this dear neighbor for his commendable work to help and guide charitable Societies to correct their work in order to serve the nation's public. The decision was made in the board of Betelnoor Society to exploit the vacuum of the first floor and turn it into a hospital, where sterile operations such as Cataract, Cross Linking, and Pterygium Excision and similar operations in the human eyes are done. The decision of the Administrative Board is a right one, as the Board insists on the development of the Society and prepare it to serve our sons and daughters, the parents of the future, of the province. What the Society needs to prepare this project:- First:- Renovation of the first floor to prepare it, as it should be, after consultation with our experienced ophthalmologists, who are working in our Society since many years. Cost Estimation about ($ 30000), an Electric Meter shall be changed and A/C shall be, in the operating rooms, installed, Second:- The preparation of the floor, which has an area of (210 sqm) and to allocate two operation rooms, with all necessary equipment and apparatus:- the first operating room shall be fully sterilized to conduct Eye-Operations, like Cataract Cost Estimation about ($ 140000) the second operating room, which does not need to be sterilized to perform other operations as mentioned before. All Equipments are already provided from the Society and shall be transfered to the First Floor Third:- The installation of a clinic to examine the eyes, as the equipment and Devices are already provided from our Society and shall be transfered to the First Floor. Fourth:- Preparing a waiting room for patients, which is already provided. Fifth:- Equipping a room for sterilization of equipment and surgery tools. Sixth:- Preparation of all needed, according to the plan attached to this project. We hope that the Donors inside and outside our arab region help to guide this valuable project to success, especially because our Society is charitable, civil and non-profitable Society. View the Suggested Engineering Drawing (Press here)   Betelnoor Society Eye Care Center Bethlehem – Beit Jala Palestine Tel:- 2743564 --- Fax:- 2756650 ---  
Enlarging the Waiting Room at Betelnoor Society
  Bethlehem – Beit Jala, 15/04/2019 The Target of this Request is as follows:- We have a Waiting Room which is used for the patients during Working hours, at the same time it should be used for Meetings of the Board and for Meetings of the General Assembly at the Afternoon or Evenings, (33) Members, the space is small, it should be enlarged. Our Request:-  To enlarge this Waiting Room, where it is possible.  It is possible between the two existing columns to the direction of the Main Street.  To change the Windows, which are out of Iron-Frames and Glass into Aluminum-Frames and Glass and to protect them with Iron Bars. Rainwater leaks inside the Room and cannot be fixed, due to old Age of the Iron -Frames.   Betelnoor Society Eye Care Center Bethlehem-Beit Jala Palestine 2743564 : Tel Fax : 2756650    
Betelnoor Society towards a brighter Future
  Bethlehem-Beit Jala, 04/01/2019 Our Plan for the Year 2019 - 2020 Our major plan for this year 2019 is going to be continuity for the Center services already started in the previous years in preventive and therapeutic measures, with focusing on improving these services:- Raising their level and activating them in a better way. Hence our Plan for the year 2018 would be summarized in the following points:- School Outreach Program:- We aim to continue in our outreach program for schools, offering students free sight checks, from September until May of every year. Our survey should cover schools before summer schools vacation starts in June. Center Clinic Services :- Betelnoor Society will continue offering its services through the whole year in the field of Outpatient Clinic:- Laser therapy, Optometry and Optical services. Specialized optician is added to our team in order to fulfill the morning period .In this way and with our qualified team of one ophthalmologist and two Optometrists; we will be able to offer full service through the whole Time. We work (6) Days a week close on every Sunday. Certain types of Minor surgeries could be also operated at our Center. Laser Machine Activation :- Our Ophthalmologist made an oral agreement with an Endocrinologist, for referring cases which suffer from long term diabetes history for eye check up at our Center, and Laser treatment when needed.  Laser Treatment is mainly applied for diabetic retinopathy cases. 4. Red Crescent Agreement:- Betelnoor Center came to an agreement with the Palestinian Red Crescent Center in Bethlehem, to transfer cases received at P.R.C. to our Center for Eye care services, for minimal prices. 5. Agreement of General Education Department:- After a meeting with representatives from General Education Department Bethlehem, Betelnoor Society gave the approval about receiving cases referred by G.E.D for minimal price or for free for certified social cases. 6. Educational:- As part of our educational scheme for the year 2019, June till August is planned to be an educational days. Lectures about preventive Eye Care will be supervised by our Ophthalmologist and Optometrist. Total of (25) qualified personnel are invited to share in these days. Such educational days will take place under different titles in a rate of 1-2 educational days every 3 months. 7. Eye Care Services offered for free:- Free Eye Care services are supposed to take place once/month. In these days the team of the Center will be devoted to offer the best possible service in Eye Care field for needy people totally for free. 8. Invitations from other Charitable Societies:- Betelnoor Center receives regular invitations from other charitable societies to share in free medical days in different Bethlehem villages. In February, our team will be sharing in one of these days at Tiqua village. To leave a good impression:- Beside our highly qualified team, and beside the high standard of offered care and treatment, and in order to leave a good impression, the optometrist room was subjected to minor remodeling, as part of a bigger plan for remodeling other areas of the Center. Looking forwards:- The Center has its own unsterile minor surgery room and equipment. We intend to have a sterile surgery room in the First Floor of our own Building, if we get the needed financial help. We are looking towards developing a Section for Diabetic. We intend to get some help in order to extend our Waiting Room to be as a multipurpose Hall, especially for our educational courses. Kind Regards We need your Prayers, Spiritual Help and Financial Support Please, give us your Assistance. … for God loveth a cheerful Giver. Corinthians 9 : 7  b   Betelnoor Organisation Eye Care Center Bethlehem – Beit Jala Palestine Tel:- 2743564 --- Fax:- 2756650 ---    
Project:- Eye-Glasses for Children who suffer under Diabetes
  Bethlehem-Beit Jala, 07/01/2019 Dear Donors, Thank you deeply for your generous donations through the years, hoping that the following proposal will be to your satisfaction. Title of the project:-  Eye Glasses for Diabetic Palestinian children Project Holder:- Betelnoor Society-Bethlehem-Beit Jala-Palestine Person who bears the local responsibility of the project and its implementation:- Member of the Board:- Dr. Bahij Khayyat. Address of the Betelnoor Society:- Beit Jala / Najjar Street/ House of Light Building. Tel. :- 02 274 3564 Fax :-  02 275 6650     E-Mail:-    Living conditions:- Betelnoor - Eye care center - and through its concentrated activities in the field of eye care for a duration of (11) years, noticed that a considerable number of patients who visit the center for treatment of their eyes, or for regular check up, have Diabetes. Some of these patients are from children, in the age ranging between (3) and (18) years old. Not to mention the hard time that the Palestinians are passing through; like poverty, sickness, siege and occupation…etc. All made Betelnoor look for means, to offer those children, the help they can through following up their sight issues, which is one of the major topics that may affect their future life, and their academic achievements. Aim of the project:- Betelnoor Society aims from this project to offer diabetic children in the district of Bethlehem and its surrounding villages ,a medical service for their eyes, consisting of free check up ,treatment and follow up, by the center ophthalmologist, and in coordination with an endocrinologist and pediatric. Furthermore, the center is planning to offer those children, free eyeglasses, all followed up by the center optometrist and here where we are asking kindly for your support. Description of the project:- Betelnoor Society, as a  highly equipped and a highly qualified in professional personnel, Eye Care center,  is proposing a project ,  based on selecting a certain number of poor diabetic children from Bethlehem and its surrounding villages, and offering  them free medical services in the field of eye care. :-Implementation Management A Qualified team from Betelnoor - Eye Care Center - consisting of:- An ophthalmologist, two optometrists, and two nurses are supposed to follow up this project as follows:- 1- The ophthalmologist (with the help of the nurse), will offer free check up and treatment for a specified number of diabetic children, giving priority to severe cases and to poor children. 2- Laser treatment will be offered for free too, to selected number of children, all according to the advice of the ophthalmologist, and under his full supervision. Our center is equipped with a high quality Argon Laser device. 3- The ophthalmologist will follow up those children, and prescribe for them, the suitable lenses and eyeglasses, selected from Betelnoor center special eyeglasses section. This will include of course, preparing a medical file for each patient, and in a later stage making sorting, preparing statistics and documenting all deduced information. As explained above the center will offer all mentioned services, for free for those diabetic children, except for the eyeglasses. In order to implement a closed circle charitable service for our children. We are asking you, kindly, to cover the cost of the eyeglasses. Beneficiaries:- Beneficiaries could be any number of poor diabetic children in the age of between (3) and (18) years old, from Bethlehem area and its surrounding villages. Realization of the project:- Betelnoor may distribute a colored printed poster, which gives instructions for diabetes children in a nice way, in how to take care of their food, eyes, feet, etc. This poster will carry a key sentence, which indicates that this project is a donation from:- “Children of Germany to Children of Palestine” Through The Catholic Church in Aachen-Germany Knights of the Holy Sepulcher  Kindermissionswerk At the end of the project, a small party can be arranged for those children, in which a representative from, for Example, Kindermissionswerk-Aachen may attend to give a speech about this expected great achievement. Cost of the project:- Taking into consideration that each eyeglass will cost us in average E 45, and suggesting a number of one hundred patients (100 patients). The cost of the project will be 100 cases x E 45 = E 4500   We need your Prayers, Spiritual Help and Financial Support, please, give us your Assistance.   … for God loveth a cheerful Giver. Corinthians 9 : 7  b Kind Regards Betelnoor Organisation Eye Care Center Bethlehem – Beit Jala Palestine
Project:-Spesial Division for Diabetes
  Diabetes Bethlehem-Beit Jala, 06/01/2019 Dear Friends and Donors, On the Occasion of Starting the New Year-2019 we hope, wish and pray that it will be a year of Peace, Tolerance and Justice for all People in the world. The Board in Betelnoor Society wishes to help the Needy in our District of the Holy City, concerning among them, those who are suffering under Diabetic. We ask you to consider this proposal and study it carefully and please do whatever you can, from where ever it might be, to help us building this new Section. Location is available in the First Floor of Betelnoor-Building. Some of the needed Items for this proposal are available, some are not, and there we ask you to give a Hand us. Not to mention the hard time, which the Palestinians are passing through, like poverty, sickness, siege, occupation, unemployment…etc.. 1- Available Equipments:- a) Electro Generator b) Ophthalmic Slit Lamp c) Argon Laser d) Cumulative sugar testing device e) Location of Center f) Ophthalmologist g) Optimetrist. 2- Procedure:- 1) Periodic inspection and follow-up for the eyes 2) Periodic inspection and follow-up of the Diabetic-Patients 3) Providing the Patient with drugs at discounted prices 4) Education and awareness  Needs of Personnel and Ophthalmic-Devices for the Project:- a) One General practitioner, specialized in Diabetic-Sickness b) Employees to run the Work like Accountant c) Qualified nurse in the field of eye d) Pharmacist e) Pharmaceutical Medicaments like Insulin, Glucophage. g) Special Refrigerators for conservation of medicine h) Dietitian We need your Prayers, spiritual help and financial support, Please, give us your assistance   … for God loveth a cheerful Giver. Corinthians 9 : 7  b Kind Regards Betelnoor Organisation Eye Care Center Bethlehem – Beit Jala Palestine Tel:- 2743564 --- Fax:- 2756650