Vision Statement: "We are a domestic charitable non profit organization which was able through the years to offer in a free resemblance services in medicine and theraputic for eye diseases and generally indicates the awareness of the care in eye problems, especially for children from 3 - 18 years old ".



The society has been established in the year 1974 from charitable citizens of Bethlehem province.

From the theraputic aspect and the early detection of the eye diseases, the society executes the following program with the following steps:

1) Field visits (Outreach Program) for governmental, private and UNRWA refugees' relief agency schools in the Bethlehem district. A preliminary free eye examination children is performed, in coordination with the Health Ministry and the Ministry of Education.

2) Medical clinics to organize meetings for the reviewers through a working program supervised by an opthalmologist, a legal optician and a legal nurse.

3) Provision of medical eyeglasses, where the society gives medical eyeglasses at cost price and in accordance to the economic situation of the patient. The eyeglasses are produced locally at Betelnoor Society workshop.

4) The Cure through laser-use is especially applied on diabatics in which the specialized doctor decides whether the patient needs it or ot, since the association has needed device for this kind of illness and its treatment.

5) The Society concentrates on spreading health awareness concerning the illness of the eye through holding educational days in addition to training mothers, teachers and workers, who are in direct contact with children and youth on early detection.