Created by those who care

The Betelnoor Society

Eye Care Center 

Bethlehem-Beit Jala-Palestine


Created with the encouragement and support of the following german Charitable Societies:- 

1- Christoffell Blindenmission in Bensheim / Germany         

2- Knightsorden of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem / Germany

through 3- Mr. Michael Wirtz in Stolberg / Germany

4- Kindermissionswerk in Aachen / Germany

It is the first and only local institution of its kind in the sense that it provides completely free treatment to all social cases of the area, beside implementing an outreach preventive program aiming at the early detection and treatment of visual impairment and ocular affections in children three to eighteen years of age.

The Director of the Ophthalmology Department of the University of Saarland (Homburg), realizing its potential for help and usefulness to the region, cooperated closely with us to ensure its further development and render its services more effective.

After erratic beginning, due to the local continued conflict, the Center turned into a success story, owing primarily to its motivated and qualified collaborators and also to the urgent need for its services offered to a population living under precarious conditions with a disastrous economy, no facilities of communication and a jobless rate above 27%.

Our present program is a completely free- of- charge outreach program whereby our trained medical teams go to the schools to detect eye impairments and / or eye and teeth affections among the school children (3 to 18 years of age) and to refer those affected to our Outpatient Clinic for treatment. Its objectives are, therefore, preventive and therapeutic.

Our different programs comprise:-

1. All the school children about (55000) of the District of Bethlehem represented as follows:-

2. All the Private schools of Greater Bethlehem, upon our own initiative.

3. All Government schools of the District of Bethlehem, upon the request of their Department of 


4. All schools of the United Nations upon the request of the UNRWA.

5. Also upon request of the UNRWA medical services, a by-annual check- up of the eyes of diabetic cases.

6. Another service, called S.O.S (Save Our Sight) and also completely free, locates, through local charity institutions, all those with little or no income and suffering from eye or teeth problems and has them brought to the Center Outpatient Clinic for examination and treatment. Also under this item, we provide examination and treatment to all convents and religious institutions of Bethlehem.

The Outpatient Clinic is also open for everybody else and permits us to earn some income to cover part of our expenses, which are very high.

Laser treatment is available, especially for Diabetes.

Training of auxiliary medical staff for qualifying them for our constantly expanding services.

Educating parents, teachers and those taking care of children in awareness of eye and teeth problems, care, hygiene, etc.

Research:- not yet implemented.

Our services are carried out in a well-equipped Center by a highly qualified and experienced staff.

Our hope is that we shall be able to continue the implementation of its programs, concerning especially those related to the school children who are academic and professional futures may depend on them.

Betelnoor Society

Eye Care Center

Bethlehem-Beit Jala


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