The Founding Committee in the Year 1974 

Dr. Bahij Kayyat

Mr. Adel Nasser

Mr. Jamiel Jaraiyseh

Mr. Adel Khader

Miss. Nadia Dukmack

Dr. Jabra Al Aaraj

Mr. Jalil Al Saiyeh

Dr. Pieter Qumri

Mr. Sulaiman Nour

Mr. Abdullah Awwad

Dr. Anton Dabdoub

Mr. George Abu Thariedeh

Mrs. Grace Khayyat

Mr. Jalal Muallem

Mr. Azzam Yousef

Mr. Michael Zabaneh


The Founder of the Society elected among them the following  to be

First  Admninistrative Authority in the Year 1974

Dr. Bahij Khayyat: Chairman of the Society

Mr. Adel Nasser: Vice Chairman

Mr. Jamiel Jaraiyseh: Secretary

Mr. Adel Khader: Tressurer

Miss Nadia Dukmack: Member

Dr. Jabra Al Aaraj: Member

Mr. Azzam Yousef: Member


The Administrative Board

from 19/06/2017 till 25/06/2019 

Mr. Moneir Zeidan: Chairman

Mr. Elias Harb: Vice Chairman

Engineer George Huzeineh: Secretary

Mr. Azzam Yousef: Treasurer

Dr. Bahij Kayyat: Member

Jamil Jaraiyseh: Member

Engineer Bisher Bannoura: Member

Odeh Kasabreh; Member

Engineer Hanna Al Alam: Member


A New Board have been elected on the 25th of June 2019

Mr. Munier Zeidan: Chairman

Mr. Jamiel Jarayseh: Vice Chairman

Eng. George Huzeineh: Secretary

Mr. Azzam Yousef: Treasurer

Dr. Bahij Khayyat: Member

Mr. Elias Harb: Member

Eng. Bisher Bannoura: Member

Mr. Odeh Kasabreh: Member

Eng. Hanna Al Alam: Member