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Betellnoor Society

(House of light)

The way into a better vision

Eye Care Clinic


 It is a charitable domestic non profit organization which was able through the years to offer in a free resemblance services in medicine and therapeutic for eye diseases and generally indicates the awareness of the care in eye problems, especially for Children from 3-18 years old.


 It is the first local institution of its kind in the sense that it provides completely free treatment to all social cases of the District, besides implementing an outreach preventive program aiming at the early detection and treatment of visual impairment and ocular affections in children of the above mentioned age Categories.


 The Society has been established in the year 1974 from charitable citizen of the Bethlehem province.


 The Society is managed by an administrative board consisting of 7 members who are elected by a general assembly (35members) that meet each two years under usual circumstances.


 We have the recognition from the pal. Ministry of Social works since 1997 and we got the recognition from the pal. Interior Ministry and Health Ministry since 2008.


 From the therapeutic aspect and the early revealing of the eye diseases, the association stands in the following program execution:-


 1)    Field visits (outreach Program) for governmental, private and (UNRWA) refugees’ relief agency schools in Bethlehem district.

 A restraining house province and a preliminary free revealing medical measure on the examination and that in coordination with  the health directorate and the ministry of education and rearing directorate and the refugees’ relief agency (UNRWA) in the Bethlehem province.


 2)    Medical clinics to organize meetings for the reviewers through a working program supervised by an ophthalmologist and a legal optician and a legal nurse.


 3)    Medical eyeglasses, where the association in work straightens medical eyeglasses in prices of the cost and which the status quo suits with the citizen’s situation.


 4)    The cure through laser-use is specially applied on diabetics in which the specialized doctor decides whether the patient needs it or not, since the association has the needed device to this kind of illness.

 5)    The center concentrates on spreading health awareness concerning the illness of the eye and that in specification days of scientific educative and workers training practice in domain health.


 Project Title:-


 Full Eye Care Outreach clinic and service.


 Project Location:-


 Bethlehem District - Palestine.


  Sphere of activity: - comprises


  a- greater Bethlehem (the towns of Bethlehem, Bet- Jala and Bet  

  b- The District of Bethlehem with its many villages (35) and 
  refugees-  camps (3).


  Services: - restricted to the eye and vision.




  a- Education of children at home and in school: hygiene, avoiding  
  glare and dust.

  b- Training of parents & of personnel dealing with children:-

  1- To watch out early for shortsightedness

  2- Ask advice when in doubt

  3- To be taught aid.

  4- To refer to qualified help when necessary.

  c. Avoid interfamily marriages and other situations which might   
  to congenital defects.

  d. Have the elderly routinely examined especially when suspected   
  certain illnesses: diabetes.

  e. Outreach programs sending trained staff to detect vision
  abnormalities to:-

  1- Schools

  2- Institutions

  3- Factories


  These visits are usually associated with lectures.


 Project description:-


 Betellnoor Society is seeking to implement and outreach program at the above mentioned Bethlehem District, through an equipped center clinics.

 A team of:-

 a-    Ophthalmologist (Dr. Jamal Al Hijouj)

 b-    Ophthalmologist(Dr. Dirar Banora)

 c-     Ophthalmologist(Dr. Farouk Ashour)

 d-     one Optometrist ( Riyad Jarayseh)

 e-    one Nurse (Rema Abu Sada')

 are working in the Center.


 Project end date:-


 No limit


 Target Group:-


 All population of Bethlehem District which makes around 150 000,

 40% of them are children in the age between 3 and 18 years old.